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4 P's in a Pod
Peg Paul's passion for cooking and serving others began as a child.  The oldest of five children with both parents working outside the home, one of Peg's "chores" was to assist with supper preparations.  Peg learned from the best!  Her mother taught her everything she needed to know. 

Her mother taught her to prepare well balanced meals that looked as good as they tasted.  Hospitality was a large part of what Peg was also taught.  Equipped with all she had learned, Peg has used her skills for 30 years to produce culinary delights throughout the country!

Peg's passion soared to new heights when she became a mother herself.  "Well balanced" meals took on a whole new dimension when one of her four children was diagnosed with A.D.D. and another was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  She began reading and studying materials that discussed the effects that diet and nutrition had on a child's overall health.

In 2003 Peg took a job as the hot lunch lady at her children's school.  In 2004 she received permission to revamp the school menu.  It included FRESH fruits and veggies instead of canned, more homemade entrees, and more variety.  Within two months the participation in the lunch program increased by 15-20%, and just four months later participation was up 50%.

Parents started talking!  People started stopping by her school kitchen!  They wanted to see for themselves what Peg was serving the kids.  Requests began pouring in for Peg to institute her hot lunch program at schools around Waukesha County.

In June of 2005, Peg left her position as lunch lady at her children's school.  She created 4 P's in a Pod, LLC.  On Oct. 1, 2005, 4 P's in a Pod, LLC served it first lunches to a total of 150 children at three schools.  4 P's employed 3 people at that time.  As 4 P's begins its 7th year, with Peg leading the way, it will feed more than 1700 children at 16 schools in three counties and will employ 20 people.

It is Peg's honor and privilege to assist the schools in providing affordable healthy meals, therefore creating one more opportunity for each child to achieve optimum physical health and academic success.
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