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4 P's in a Pod
Here are just a few of the things they are saying about 4 P's in a Pod:
The hot lunch this year has been really great! There have been healthy choices that my children love!  I know they are being well fed and I don’t have to spend a lot of time making lunches every morning~ Parent

"Mom, I can’t stay home sick today - it’s baked potato bar!"  ~ Student

Mrs. Paul focuses on great nutrition and natural foods while giving children healthy choices. The kids are eating healthier and loving it!   ~Parent/Physician

The hot lunch program is great because my kids get a hot, nutritious meal to keep them going at school. My kids and I love the variety of fresh, wholesome foods offered.  ~ Parent/RN

One of my students would not eat baked potatoes at home or at restaurants. After Molly watched her classmates enjoying their meal of "potato bar" she decided to try it the next time and loved it... Children don’t waste food like they used to since Mrs. Paul cooks and plans the menu. I know because I have to lift the bags out of the trash can and there isn’t as much garbage to search through...Mrs. Paul comes out into the dining area to see if the children are eating and asks them what they like and dislike...They love it when they choose the fruit they want and the kind of meat they desire for "build-a-sub"...  ~ Teacher

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